What started out as an in-house project ended up being an industry leading software solution.


This story began at the heart of Digimaze, India’s leading performance marketing agency. What was intended to be a small-scale customised solution for our employees ended up having absolutely limitless potential.


Today our goal is totally different from what we started out with, we want to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of every Paid Media Specialist across the world. We intend to innovate cutting edge solutions & integrate even more concepts into Strique.

Our North Star

We aim to make the lives of every marketer
easier & more efficient.

Our core Values

Transparency &
privacy above all

At Strique, our strongest values lie within data transparency & privacy. We have painstakingly developed secure systems which are GDPR & CCPA compliant so that you can use our services completely stress free.

In a world where data theft & misuse of data occurs daily we aspire to be better and create a hyper secure SAAS application.

Innovative Mindset

There is no point in following the crowd and settling for inferior tools when we can develop cutting edge technology.

A company which is the same as it was 5 years ago has only wasted 5 years of their time. We aspire to stand toe to toe with the greatest SAAS companies in the world and constantly strive to achieve greater heights.

The 2 men behind Strique each play to their
strengths and envision a bright future for SAAS
applications within the realm of digital marketing.

Vatsal Rajgor

Founder & CEO

“Someone once told me that winners are not born, they're made and that's exactly what Strique is out to do.”

Driven by enthusiasm and an uninhibited passion to create something from nothing, our CEO Vatsal Rajgor has his mind set on greatness.

He envisions Strique to reach heights never seen before. To quote him; “I want to see Strique being used as a crutch in every single digital agency within 2 years”

Poojan Ajani

Co-founder & CTO

“A good engineer writes code that a computer can understand. Great engineers write code that humans can understand.”

The prodigal genius who wrote his first piece of code at 11, our CTO Poojan Ajani has worked on hundreds of products/websites and lovingly refers to Strique as his magnum opus.

The culmination of his life’s work, Strique means the world to him and he yearns for a world where Strique achieves the same level of infamy as Google.

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